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Depression & Anxiety In Our Teens

Depression & Anxiety In Our Teens

In a world of Instagram, snap chat, high achieving academics, excessive extra-curricular activities, competitive college admissions, cyber bullying, catastrophic news on the television, and school lock downs, just to name a few, it is no wonder our kids are under such distress. As a former School Administrator and Principal, I can tell you that anxiety and depression in our kids is rampant. Anxiety and depression in students have been on the rise since 2012. It is a phenomenon that cuts across all demographics. Students usually suffer in silence.

Parents if you observe any of the following symptoms in your child, seek assistance right away:

• Sadness, low mood that doesn’t go away
• Irritability
• Apathy toward activities they used to enjoy
• Feeling tired
• Trouble sleeping
• Difficulty concentrating
• Less interaction with family and friends
• Indesiveness
• Low confidence
• Changes in appetite and weight (loss or gain)
• Talks about feeling guilty or worthless
• Feeling empty or numb
• Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

At Dr. Brito and Associates, we are here to help you.

Sandra Sorrentino, RMHCI

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