Educational Testing is a series of tests given to a student to see where they compare with other students in their grades. These tests includes a parent intake conference, behaviors scale (for parents and teachers), and a series of tests: IQ testing, reading, math, spelling, Humanities, science, social studies, study skills, and writing sample. After all this information is gathered, then a comprehensive report is generated. Please note these batteries focus on educational evaluation and are not a psychological evaluations.

The process of gathering all relevant information and the student’s testing process could take several test dates. All of this depends on several factors including but not limited to the child’s age, concentration skills and expediency of requested relevant records from school, doctors, and other treating professionals.

If you are looking for educational testing for your child, you can count on Dr. Ibis Brito & Associates, P.A. to help you.

We have hours available for educational tests every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. These include morning, afternoon and evening for your convenience. We offer these services to children and adolescents in a private, safe, empathetic, and knowledgeable, bilingual (English and Spanish) mental health professional at Broward Health Weston.

Therefore, if your child needs educational tests or knows someone who might be seeking educational testing for their child, please call us and let us help you.