Couple therapy is where partners come together to seek help from a mental health professional. In couple therapy, the partners identify specific conflicts or areas in their relationship that they would like to change. The therapist hears both sides and helps find resolution where both parties are satisfied.

In couple therapy the main tool of change is effective communication. The therapist will help the partners learn basic and effective techniques of communication that will assist in the resolution of problems in the relationship.

In this form of therapy, partners are usually seen together.  Also, partners can also be seen alone for a couple of sessions, to help facilitate sensitive materials privately that avoids the other partner feeling hurt during the process.

Whatever your reason for couples therapy, Dr. Ibis Brito & Associates, P.A. is here to help. We have available times for sessions every day of the week, even Saturday and Sunday.  These include morning, afternoon and evening for your convenience. We offer these services to all couples in a private, safe place with empathetic, and knowledgeable, bilingual (English and Spanish) mental health therapists in Broward Health Weston.

So, if you are ready for change and feel couples therapy is right for you and your partner or know of a couple that might benefit from couples therapy, please call us and let us help.