The purpose of supervision in mental health counseling is to help guide the clinician’s knowledge, skill and personality to provide quality care within the guideline of mental health counseling.

Some of the attributes that a good clinician needs to have is to be ethical, compassion, emphatic, have problem solving-skills, self-awareness and be a multicultural skilled, and these are just to name a few.

Supervision entail helping the clinician polish their skills. This is done by thoughtful processing of questions, experiential exercises, and ongoing evaluation of the aspiring mental health clinician’s ability to simultaneously observe and assess the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the client and the aspiring clinician. This is all done in a nurturing and non-judgmental setting.

So, if you are a Registered Mental Health Intern or are thinking of applying and need a qualified and experienced supervisor, you can count on Dr. Ibis Brito & Associates, P.A. to help.